The McAlister Construction Difference

McAlister Construction is the local leader in energy efficient residential building in Moore, Oklahoma City, Choctaw, Edmond, Norman and other OKC metro areas. We offer new homes for sale in our craftsman-style Moore neighborhood, Avondale, which is the only all-geothermal neighborhood in the metro area. We also specialize in custom home building and commercial projects.

Our signature interior and exterior selections add a personal, stylish touch to every project. Our ability to smoothly manage the minute details of the building process is unmatched. And, we create community through our home, park and neighborhood design. Because of this, we were voted best home builder in Moore and South OKC in 2016.

HERS Index

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home's energy efficiency is measured. McAlister Construction hires a 3rd party certified rater to assess each of our homes for things such as air leakage, exterior wall thickness, materials, ceilings, roofs, attics, foundations, windows, doors, ducts, vents, hvac equipment, water heating systems and thermostat. 

A "0" is a perfect HERS score (meaning the home produces as much energy as it uses). So, the lower the score, the better. A typical existing home scores around 130 while a standard new home scores 100. Homes in Avondale score in the low 40s – about HALF the score of other new homes.


Every home in our neighborhood Avondale has a Geothermal heating and cooling system which takes advantage of the stable temperature underground. It significantly increases the energy efficiency of a home’s heating, cooling and hot water generation, which significantly reduces utility bills.

Homeowners can earn a 30 percent federal tax credit (approx. $4,500-7,000) on geothermal systems, which combined with utility bill savings, makes the initial price of a system competitive with conventional equipment. We invested in the infrastructure neighborhood-wide so you could save.

HIgh Performance Envelope 

We take a holistic approach to building energy efficient homes. In addition to our energy efficient systems, we insure that the envelope (shell) of each home is high performing. It is critical to make the envelope as efficient as possible during construction because it is nearly impossible to improve once construction is complete.

Our homes are framed with 2x6 lumber on the exterior, which increases R-value by 60 percent over conventional 2x4 walls. We insulate the slab with one inch of foam insulation, the exterior walls with R-21 blown-in blanket insulation, and the attic with R-38 insulation. Other extra measures we take include fully caulking the sill plate, top plate, foam sealing doors, windows and other passageways, installing a zip system sheathing as a moisture and air barrier, and using solarboard roof decking to keep attics up to 30 degrees cooler.


We provide LED lighting throughout the home. LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology that uses 75-80 percent less energy and can last 50 times longer than incandescent lighting. Our LED bulbs have a 5-year warranty.

PRemium low-E windows

Windows can be a major source of unwanted heat during the cooling season. Our homes are built with the highest level of Low-E windows which use a microscopic-thin layer of metal to reduce the heat flow. These windows can reflect 80 percent of the sun’s harmful rays back into the atmosphere.

10-Year Warranty

Every McAlister Construction home comes with a 10-year warranty through Quality Builders Warranty. This extra assurance gives our homeowners peace of mind that even though the building process is finished, we are still here for you. And, should you need to sell your home, the warranty is automatically transferrable to subsequent buyers. 


Floorplans, exterior elevations and interior selections are all designed in-house so that we have ultimate control over the look and livability of our homes. The craftsman-style details embody the charm and connectedness of historic neighborhoods with the benefits of modern, energy efficient living.

Community building

McAlister Construction is creating true community in Avondale. A central park with a pavilion, playground and green space will draw neighbors out and together, while front porches and sidewalks connect residents to one another. Mature trees planted along the street on every lot will soon provide shady boulevards encircling the neighborhood.


We are located in the heart of the Moore community – convenient to amenities such as restaurants, grocery stores, shops and two major highways. By design, Avondale doesn’t have a gated entry or acreage lots. Instead, we believe that safety comes from knowing your neighbors and building strong community. We are proud to be located in the Moore school district.

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